I'm Sean Hocking. Founder and sole owner of Metal Postcard Records. The label started in Sydney in 2002 .. moved to New York for a while and is now based in Hong Kong.

The label aims to release music in a range of formats and is completely genre free. 

We try as much as possible to work outside the strictures of the "Music Industry" . All we really want to do is help artists who'd otherwise be ignored have complete artistic control over all aspects of their music release.  

From the music and the artwork to the date of release format of the release and if you want us to send out promos with a bucket of ice cream we will  help you do so as long as you work with us to make it work.

We're not quite Crass but their model seems as good as any other so we'll go down that route as much as possible.

Want to say hi - there's loads of options at the find us on the web page and a contact form on the contact page